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  • Supports Intel® Ivy Bridge Z77 and H77 chipsets and are backward compatible with platforms including Intel® X79, Z68 and P67
  • Meets demands of hard-core gamers on high performance, gaming, overclocking
  • Compatible with Intel Extreme memory Profiles (XMP)
  • 100% tested: Passed the absolute dual-channel long-time run-in tests to ensure its excellent overclocking performance and absolute reliability
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ARMOR DDR3 Overclocking Memory Modules are designed to meet the demands of hard-core gamers on high performance, gaming, overclocking, etc. Equipped with armor-like heatspreader, the ARMOR SERIES look like warriors who charge and break through enemy lines in the battlefield. It is available in black, red, gold and blue. Gamers can select their favorite colors for motherboards and casings, forging their own overclocking environment.

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